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What is Mediumship?

Sunset Over the Mountains

Mediumship at its core is about connecting with those who are no longer with us on Earth plane and delivering messages from them to those who are still living. In mediumship, there is a three-way connection: the sitter who the messages are being delivered to, the medium who is receiving the message, and the spirit on the other side giving the messages. Mediums work with their spirit guides and many times the angels to help deliver messages from our loved ones in spirit.  While there are different forms of mediumship, many mediums perform what is called mental mediumship. Spirits will communicate to the medium using their senses, which is often known as the different “clairs”. They can see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience), feel (clairsentience), taste (clairgustance), smell (clairscent), and lastly a mediumship will just know information (claircognizance). Spirits often impress their messages through the mind and body and communication is often done telepathically.

As a medium, I find the goal of a reading is provide a sense of comfort and healing by showing that our loved ones are very much still with us. When our loved ones pass onto the spirit world, we often feel alone and disconnected. In my experience I have found that our loved ones are still very much with us, guiding us along our path and sending signs from above. You may be thinking of them when their favorite song comes on the radio or you may see a penny on the ground and when you pick it up it was the year they were born. They are always sending us signs to let us know they are there. Open your heart to receive their messages, and know that their love for you is there always.

~Taylor Eastman~

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